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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Importance of Market Research Firms

In a world where competition is the norm, you need to find strategies to help your business stay ahead of the competition. You can come up with such strategies if you know what your competitors in the market. You therefore need a capital investment analysis of all your competitors to ascertain the threat level within your industry. Such an analysis is not easy to carry out if you lack the necessary resources. You can however allow professionals do the analysis on your behalf. Such professionals come in the form of market research firms that can create strategies to ensure your growth.

With the help of these professionals, you can easily identify new opportunities, understand market dynamics, and increase profitability. If you combine this with your newfound ability to make critical decisions accurately and promptly, you will be hard to beat in your industry. You will acknowledge the role played by the decision support services provided by an experienced market research firm.

Such a firm can provide various other benefits. You could increase your profitability and market share by utilizing services, such as market entry strategy, strategic growth consulting, M & A, due diligence, competitive benchmarking, opportunity screening, SWOT analysis, and target screening.

A market research firm can enable you to plan successfully for growth. This growth can be visible in your target markets as well as in the strategy and technology you employ for the success. You can develop winning strategies for your business if you properly utilize the expertise and industry knowledge of the marketing research firm. In addition, you can realize competitive advantages with the assistance from the professionals. This is possible because of the strategic and intelligence capital investment analysis they provide to help you make informed business decisions. You will not believe how easily it is to find new markets offering increased profitability.

Furthermore, you will be able to align your business better with market opportunities, as you will obtain impartial third-party validation. You will experience a stress-free environment, enabling you to focus on the important task of increasing growth opportunities for your business.

Market research enables you to have a market entry strategy since you will have various resources at your disposal, such as concept testing, customer satisfaction surveys, competitor analysis, and market assessments. In addition, you will be able to harness the potential in networking with your competitors, suppliers, and clients due to the increased visibility in the value chain.

A market research firm has the capacity to provide access to market insights with proven data collection techniques detailed research and analysis to provide accurate data insights. The market intelligence reports you can receive from the professionals will provide a market entry strategy for various industries including consumer goods, energy, automotive, chemical, aerospace, construction, and health care.

You will get insights regarding various factors related to growth drivers, market size, trends, competitive landscape, and forecasts. The market research firm can provide the capital investment analysis at the right time and setting. All you have to do is provide an enabling environment for their implementation.

The Ins and Outs of Pest and SWOT Analysis

If you are planning a business project it is vital to know about all the factors - within and without that can affect the business. Sample swot analysis and pest analysis India are some of the more popular methods of analyzing these aspects. Below is a concise explanation of the two methods and a comparison between them for a better understanding of the two.

SWOT simply means the following:
  1. Strengths – The edge you have over the competing businesses.
  2. Weaknesses – The shortcomings you have in this business in comparison with others in the game.
  3. Opportunities – Prevailing factors that are lying in wait before being utilized.
  4. Threats – Outside factors that may impede your business venture.

Identifying each of the swot analysis factors gives you a firm idea on what can make the business thrive or flounder. The sample swot analysis also helps in identifying external factors that impact on the business in addition to the internal ones. Knowing what ails or helps the venture can go a long way in planning a successful business. You should work through the swot analysis with your team and brainstorm to introduce the relevant factors surrounding the sample swot analysis.

On the other hand pest analysis India stands for the examination of outside factors which can positively affect the venture or can even help conduct market research prior to the establishment of the business. Pest analysis India stands for:

  1. Political – Any legislation, global affairs, policies which can impact on the venture in the present or future.
  2. Economic – Levies, interest, consumer habits, inflation and interest rates must be considered.
  3. Social – publicity, how people shop, the media, global events and ethics also count.
  4. Technological – Global communications, technological access, copyrights and patents, manufacturing and research funding.

The pest analysis India is aimed at outside factors which are either influencing your business, the rationale for growth or retardation in consumers and also locates burgeoning opportunities that the business can grasp.

One drawback of the swot is that they are easy enough to come up with as a list but you can overlook vital outside factors as well. A simple list is not enough; you must undertake further examination of the pressures so as to counter them adequately. Similarly, the drawback of the pest is that no internal evaluation is undertaken on it. As a result it is advisable to combine both analyses and use the results in the pest to the opportunities and threats of the swot analysis.

It is always important to have the entire team on hand together physically to brainstorm well about the venture. If not, important information could get lost in translation which would hinder the efforts. Only by doing this can a method of overcoming the potential flaws be devised by the team. However, it is not just that the information is retrieved; it is also that this information is used constructively. This is what ensures that the analysis encourages profits and makes the business successful in the long run.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Explore The Possibilities Of The Latest Development In Carbon Fiber Market

The modern automotive industry is always on a look out for ground level solutions for increasing the fuel efficiency of their products and using carbon fibers is really considered as a probable option to alleviate this problem and that is one of the primary reasons that the global Carbon Fiber Market is experiencing a boom over the past couple of years or so. Being extremely light weight and also for their due diligence carbon fiber is now extensively used in the production of heavy automobiles as a necessary measure for weight reduction. 

According to a number of prominent global market research company it is expected that the global carbon fiber market is going to grow at an average rate of 17% per annum for the next five years or so and by the year 2020 the total worth of global carbon fiber market will be an impressive 26 billion dollars. Also as per many business magazines it is really difficult to underestimate the real potential of the market as carbon composites are now being used in the manufacturing of a wide variety of products and the number of carbon fiber consumers is also increasing with an alarming rate. 

It might sound quite strange but it is quite true that the production of low cost carbon fiber with due diligence was considered almost impossible, but with sustained effort in their development and research along with proper government patronization a lot of progress has been made and now for the many Market Research companies,  the global carbon fiber market has a very prospective future lying ahead of it and can really lead to a global economic growth and reduced carbon emission at the same time. Different types of carbon fiber are now being used to join satellites, microchips and internet and are also used in nuclear power production units for their due diligence and other notable qualities. 

Apart from its great strength and light weight the other most important features of carbon fiber are its low thermal extension, along with the capability of electric conduction and great tensile strength that has made it the material preferred by most heavy machinery and automobile mobile manufacturing companies and those market research company predictions have every resin to come true in the next five years or so. The latest cars from the most prominent global automobile giants use carbon fiber extensively to reduce the weight and add to the dynamic quality of the vehicle and most of the time the bonnet, the hood and the boot along with the fender are made with carbon fiber composites to make the cars more diligent and lightweight at the same time and that has provided the global Carbon Fiber Market the necessary boost that it was always waiting for.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Best Way to Handle Defense Marketing Research

Defense marketing research and even aerospace market research are very critical jobs, and they are very difficult jobs at that. There are no margins for errors at all. Market research often involves complicated processes like SWOT analysis, SWOT matrices and other such things. So the best way to handle defense marketing research and aerospace market research is to pass it on to the able hands of a consulting and marketing research firm. Here are 4 reasons why you should start looking for the same:
 They have the expertise required for the job
A lot of factors can play a role in the shaping of the market like market dynamics, profitability and versatile opportunities. Consulting and marketing research firms have thorough and comprehensive knowledge of each of the factors, and the results they come up with will be much better than the one you would have generated if you had handled your defense marketing research or aerospace market research yourself. Even the best and the most skilled members of your own team will fall short when compared to them.

They will come up with unbiased results
These types of firms are quality driven and things like money or personal opinions seldom have any effect on the results they come up with. Your employees who are handling the research and analysis can have a personal ambition and an attachment with the project, both consciously and subconsciously, and that could affect the outcome in a big way. Giving out the project to somebody else will not only give you accurate results, but also give you assurance that they are unbiased.    

They will help you save up on your resources
You will not only save money but also save up on manpower and time when you hire out your projects to an external firm. This is very important since you can put those free resources to something else productive instead of wasting them on coming up with inaccurate and inadequate results.

They offer much more than just research
The best consulting and market research firms offer a much broader array of capabilities, much more than just aerospace market research and defense marketing research. They are have the capability of not helping you grow in the markets that you should are looking to pursue but also assist you by providing you with the technology and the strategy to ensure success.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 Reasons Why You Need SWOT Analysis Experts

SWOT analysis is extremely crucial for the success of any project that a company undertakes. It is a method which strategically evaluates the different aspects of the project like Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The evaluation and the research must be thorough; there are no margin for flaws in SWOT analysis and SWOT matrix preparation. You can do all the dirty work yourself or leave things in the able hands of management and market research consultants, it’s your call. But if in case you need some convincing, here are 5 reasons why you need SWOT analysis sample and SWOT matrix experts:

1.    They are especially trained for the job

You may have skilled members on your team who can handle SWOT matrix or SWOT analysis sample well, but the fact of the matter is that they can never compete with SWOT analysis experts who are trained especially to tackle that job. A lot of things can play a role in shaping the analysis like market dynamics, profitability and versatile opportunities, and experts have categorical understanding of it all. What they come up with will be a lot more in depth and meticulously thorough. 

2.   Their analysis and results will be more unbiased

The experts at the best global management and market research firms are much more likely to come with more unbiased and scrupulous SWOT matrix and SWOT analysis sample results. Since they won’t have personal attachment to the project or be swayed away by money, their results will be accurate and subjective.

3.      They help you save on resources

Hiring an expert from outside the company means that you will save up on money, manpower and most importantly the working hours that you would have otherwise wasted on coming up with inaccurate SWOT matrix and SWOT analysis sample results. Your resources will be free to be focused on more pressing matters. 

4.   They are capable of more than just SWOT analysis

The best firms possess a broader spectrum of capabilities and offer much more services than just SWOT analysis. They are capable of not only helping you grow in the markets that you should pursue, but are also able to offer the technology and the strategy needed for your success. Some have even spent whole decades on field building up experience and helping clients create equations for measurable results all the while.
Those were the 4 reasons why you need SWOT analysis experts for a thorough and complete analysis of any project you wish to undertake. 

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The author of this article is expert in writing articles about market research and consulting. Author has also written many articles on Concept testing, Composite materials and SWOT matrix.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lucintel Analyzes Global Wind Energy Outlook For 2011 And Beyond

The wind turbine market has experienced significant growth over the last five years and is expected to continue its momentum, reaching approximately US $96 billion by 2016 with a CAGR of 12% over the next five years for annual installations.

Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has analyzed the wind energy market and presents its findings in “Growth Opportunities in Wind Energy Market 2011–2016: Materials, Market and Technologies.”

Concerns over climate change, crude oil prices, and increasing energy demand are generating global interest in renewable resources to meet the world’s energy needs. Wind is a clean, abundant, rapidly growing energy source. The business of generating electricity from wind is set to expand as China, the US, and Rest of the World (ROW) seeks cleaner, more sustainable ways to create electricity. Although wind is more expensive than conventional energy sources, wind turbines have evolved rapidly and decades of research and development have resulted in lower wind energy prices making wind energy competitive with fossil-based fuel energy prices.

Lucintel’s research indicates that the growth rate in cumulative capacity is expected to decrease every year as global cumulative wind capacity increases. The cumulative effect brings total capacity to 568,310 MW by the end of 2016. Asia is expected to remain the leader in wind energy installations. The Chinese and the USA markets are expected to top the list in new turbine installations, with Portugal, France, Italy, the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands steadily adding capacity.

Composites consumption in the wind market is expected to witness a healthy growth over the forecast period and reach US $5.5 billion in 2016.

Lucintel’s provides detailed Market Research Report, value chain analysis, and comparative analysis of wind markets. The report also details the wind market’s drivers and challenges, policies affecting the market, competitive analysis between wind energy with other energy sources, composite materials consumption in the wind energy market, and more.

For a detailed table of contents and pricing information on this timely, insightful report, contact Lucintel at +1-972-636-5056 or via email at Lucintel provides cutting-edge decision support services that help facilitate critical decisions with greater speed, insight, and cost efficiency. To find out more, please visit

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Polyurethane Matrix Resin for Automotive Composites..

Henkel has developed a polyurethane-based composite matrix resin that cures faster than the traditional epoxy resins. Composites based on carbon fiber or glass fiber are gaining momentum in various application areas due to the opportunity for enormous weight savings over traditional part construction, with no loss in mechanical performance. Starting in aerospace where pre-impregnated fibers (prepregs) are manually laid up and then baked into composites, many different applications are now penetrating into the automotive industry. New manufacturing methods like resin transfer molding enable economic processes that are suited for high volume automotive production.

For the resin transfer molding process, Henkel has developed a new composite matrix resin based on polyurethane which enables improved economics and throughput in processing. Compared to standard epoxy matrix resins, the new Loctite MAX2 cures significantly faster. During injection, it also enables more efficient impregnation without stressing the fibers due to the lower viscosity of the resin.

The composite properties of Loctite MAX2 were specially developed to provide more flexibility as well as much higher impact resistance than traditional epoxy resins. Henkel is confident that these new generations of polyurethane matrix resins deliver significant benefits for fast and efficient manufacturing.

Altair and Cellbond Partner to Create Industry's Most Accurate Virtual Crash-Test Barriers

Altair Engineering, Inc., a leading global provider of simulation technology and engineering services, informed about the release of the first simulation model to emerge from its partnership with U.K.-based test barrier supplier Cellbond, a highly accurate and reliable finite-element-analysis (FEA) barrier model for virtual side impact crash testing.

Cellbond is one of the world's foremost developers of physical barriers for crash testing, employing a composite honeycomb technology to create energy-absorption structures. As a result of a recent agreement between Altair and Cellbond, Altair has been able to incorporate all the data that Cellbond has gathered regarding material properties and barrier design into virtual barriers for use with RADIOSS, Altair's complete finite element solver for structural analysis found in its HyperWorks CAE software suite. Altair has built these models on findings from decades of Cellbond work to define material characteristics, barrier geometries, drawings and physical test results. Altair is developing a series of such models for use in simulating front-end and side-impact crashes that meet U.S. NHTSA and IIHS standards and for European standards, as well.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Value Chain Analysis of Boeing 787: 2011-2016

October 2011, Boeing on finding itself in the crucial situation of having lost market share to Airbus had to respond in order to regain its leading position by enhancing customer benefits and recapturing an advantage over its competition. The diversification strategy included the new midsize (200–300 passengers), long-range 787series. The 787, nicknamed the Dreamliner, was designed to meet the demand for direct, long-distance connections between cities with a moderate capacity demand.

According to Lucintel’s report “Value Chain Analysis of Boeing 787: 2011-2016” in 2010, total market shipment valued at OEM level for Boeing 787 was US $1.11 billion and market at this level is expected to reach $26.68 billion by 2016 with a CAGR of 166%.

Boeing understood the competitive advantages of supply chain management that it is becoming the distinguishing competitive factor in manufacturing industries. Beside; superior performance depends on delivery momentum and reliability; as resources available to industry players are basically the same. At the heart of the supply chain transformation process was the initiative to outsource more than 70% of the787’s production.

The report extensively looks at recent industry trends, as well as future opportunities and Boeing supply chain management, value chain and cost analysis of B787 as well as represents an invaluable aid to sales and marketing professionals in, or interested in the industry. In addition, the report analyses market sizes and trends, market structures, key company shares.

This unique report from Lucintel is expected to provide you valuable information, insights and tools needed to identify new growth opportunities and operate your business successfully in this market. This report is estimated to save hundreds of hours of your own personal research time and is likely to significantly benefit you in expanding your business in this market. In today’s stringent economy, you need every advantage that you can find to keep you ahead in your business.

To make business, investment, or strategic decisions, you need timely and adequate information. This market report fulfills this core need and is an indispensable reference guide for multi-national material suppliers, product manufacturers, investors, executives, distributors and many more, who are dealing with this market.

Some of the features of “Value Chain Analysis of Boeing 787: 2011-2016”are:

• The Global aerospace industry
• Boeing Company overview, vision and segments
• Boeing supply chain management
Value Chain and Cost Analysis of B787
Market size ($) at Various Structural Levels (Tier II, Tier I, and OEM)
Market forecast for 2011-2016

About Lucintel:
Lucintel provides world class business intelligence and cutting edge decision support services in the area of Aerospace and MRO Market. Our domain experts specialize in Value Chain Analysis, market entry strategies, strategic growth consulting, opportunity screening, competitive benchmarking, M & A, due diligence, market analysis and forecasting. Let Lucintel help you make better data driven strategic decisions. Lucintel has access to hundreds of market reports, which can be used to drive your business decisions.